Link ECU


Link ECU has partnered with Drift Indy and as a result, has created a Racer Support Program for participants.

Link Engine Management is a global leader in motorsport electronics and performance technology. They specialize in the development, manufacture, and marketing of engine control units (ECUs) built to manage motorsport and powersport vehicles. Link is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand with further sales offices located around the world. 

Link ECU products are exported to over 65 countries and renowned for quality, reliability and value for money.

Their dealers are experts in horsepower, assisting you to unleash the potential of your engine by fitting, installing and tuning all Link ECU’s and accessories.

The perfect engine management solution for internal combustion engines in performance cars, drag racing, drifting, jetski’s, snowmobiles, aircraft, speedway and jet-sprint racing and more – have a browse through their range to see which ECU would best suit your application.  Their product range also features a wide variety of accessories including CAN Lambda sensors, the G4+ knockblock, oxygen sensors, boost control solenoid’s and much more. They are extremely proud of the quality of this range which has been over 25 years in the making.

Details of their program are below:

Link ECU will Provide:

  • 15% discount on any ECUs and sensors

  • 10% discount on dashes

Driver Requirements:

  • Registered for a minimum of one (1) Drift Indy event (drift day or competition, doesn’t matter)

  • Submit high resolution photos and/or video of Link ECU product on vehicle to

  • Include Link ECU account and/or hashtags on social media posts that display vehicle equipped with Link ECU product

How to Enroll:

This program is setup between yourself and Link ECU. Jason at Link ECU is offering a great opportunity for drivers by setting this up, so please do not misrepresent yourself or us when dealing with him. You may contact Jason at If you do not have a deck (sponsor proposal) already prepared, no worries. Simply include your name, contact information, vehicle information, photos/videos of your vehicle, and you driving at Drift Indy events.

NOTE: If you are new to Drift Indy, just cc us (driftindy[at] on the email and be sure to include pictures of your vehicle and which event(s) you plan to drive at. We don’t want you to have to wait to attend an event in order to take advantage of this great deal, but the program is contingent on everyone being a Drift Indy participant. So if you’ve registered for an upcoming event and want to get your Link ECU installed prior to attending, just let us know.

For more information on Link ECU and their products, please visit them online.


Link has a wide range of ECU’s that offer many different features.

You may be asking yourself, “Which is the right ECU for me?”. That’s where their handy comparison chart comes in.

If you are unsure of which one best fits your needs and circumstances, then take a look at the chart below. This should help you in making a quick and informed decision. Alternatively, speak to your dealer who will be able to point you in the right direction.




Please note, that their PlugIn ECU range runs on the same platform as the G4+ Xtreme. The features offered vary depending on the application. You can see the specifications tab of each PlugIn here: