Dan "The Man" Perlenfein Named New Drift Indy General Manager

Dan Perlenfein smiling

How can you not love this guy? He's a gem.

Drift Indy is excited to announce that Dan Perlenfein has been named General Manager ahead of the 2023 season!

Dan requires little introduction. If you've been to a Drift Indy event in the past 3 or 4 seasons, it's damn near a given that Dan or his crew have helped you out. From mounting tires to giving tech tips, "Dan of All Trades" lives up to his nickname.

Plus, Dan absolutely shreds in his SC300. Smoke clouds absolutely covering the track are a pretty sure sign that he's out there wheeling. 

 Dan shredding the bankThis is from 2019, maybe 2020? Truth be told, the year doesn't really matter. Dan rips regardless.

With Dan stepping in to make sure events are running smoothly, Edgar's taking a step back to work on building up Drift Indy away from the track. He'll be traveling and speaking with potential and current sponsors to make sure our organization continues to grow in the right direction and to keep you guys and gals hot lapping in style.