Frequently Asked Questions

Dan the man running a fire drill on grid

General FAQ

  • Is it free to spectate?
    • No, spectators are charged $20 at the gate.
  • Can I park wherever I want?
    • No. Drivers will be directed to a spot in the pits after you are admitted at the gate. Spectators must park in the designated spectator lot outside of the gate.
  • Since you’re called Drift Indy, are all your events held in Indiana?
    • Nope! Over the years we have hosted events across the midwest. Currently the majority of our events are held at Kil-kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio.

Drivers’ FAQ

  • How do I register for events?
    • Keep an eye on our social media accounts for event registration announcements. We announce the drop time a few days ahead. The applications are found on our website.
  • What do I need to know before my first Drift Indy event?
    • Ahead of your first event as a driver, please thoroughly read through our rulebook. It includes safety requirements, such as a mounted fire extinguisher within reach of the driver seat, working brake lights and an SA2015 or SA2020 helmet.
  • Where’s the rulebook?
    • Both our general Drift Indy rulebook and our Drift Indy Street League rulebook can be found at
  • Can I have a passenger?
    • We do allow one passenger per car so long as the passenger is over 18 years of age and is wearing a qualifying helmet.
  • Can I bang doors with my boys?
    • We divide drivers into groups based on skill level and experience. Within those groups, there’s plenty of opportunity for tandems and trains, especially at our bash events. 
  • Can I drive whatever car I want?
    • Provided the car meets our tech requirements, you can slide it. A rear-wheel drive car with a welded or limited-slip differential is pretty essential, though.
  • Can someone change tires at the track?
    • At most of our events we provide tire-changing services for a small fee.

Media FAQ

  • How do I register for events?
    • Applications are submitted on an event-by-event basis via a google form shared in the Drift Indy Pub Facebook group.
  • Do I have to pay to get in?
    • If you are accepted onto our media list for the event, you do not have to pay to get in.
  • Where can I photograph or film video from?
    • If accepted onto our media list for the event, you are given a lot of freedom in regards to positioning. You will be allowed infield access so long as you are wearing one of our provided high-vis vests.
  • Do I get to keep my photos?
    • Yes! You are free to use your photos as you wish. We only ask for permission to share your work on our socials with proper attribution.
  • Can I freelance?
    • Yes! We encourage our media members to pick up work for drivers and teams as they are able.