JEM Sport

JEM-Sport was established in 2015 with the purpose to research, develop and refine new solutions and products for the platforms we service. Our focus is extracting the most power from any project in a reliable and repeatable way. We have many tools and partnerships at our disposal to accomplish this task to ensure you always stay on track and out of the shop. 


Mustang Dynamometer AWD500

Our Mustang Dynamometer features precision machined and dynamically balanced drums and measures up to 3000hp. In configurable 2WD and AWD modes we are able to test any vehicle. With a large air moving system we are able to keep your ride and our tuner cool and breathing fresh, crisp air.

Standalone Engine Management

With years of experience in ECU tuning we aim to reliably squeeze every last drop of performance from your project. Our partners at Link ECU allow us to accomplish great feats when it comes to tuning, however, we are extremely knowledgeable in tuning a number of standalone and OEM ECUs. After an extensive and collaborative discussion about your specific goals and intentions we create each map from the ground up to ensure a personalized tuning scheme for you.


Trackside Support/Remote Tuning

We attend EVERY Drift Indy event. In the case that you need a quick tune revision or trackside support, we can get your ride back on track where it belongs. 

Our proximity to, and working relationship with a number of tracks allows us the opportunity to conduct one on one shakedown sessions to ensure your project is dialed in exactly as you want to see it. 

Can't make it in? No problem! OTA Tuning has advanced to such a degree that we can now offer remote tuning at your dyno of choice or even in your driveway!


Motorsport Wiring & Fabrication/Engine Swaps

Can’t make sense of a wiring diagram? Are your welds the butt of all the jokes? If this sounds familiar let us take over. Our years of experience wiring and fabricating full motorsport builds provide the insight necessary to tackle any project. 

As one of the pioneers in Ecoboost swaps, we have honed the craft of putting any engine into any chassis. Whether you want to JZ swap an S chassis or Ecoboost swap your BMW, we have done it and can do it for you.


JEM-Sport is excited to offer Drift Indy drivers the following:

  • 25% discount on all Link ECU products
  • 25% discount on all tuning services and labor
  • Trackside support and remote tuning available.