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"Drifting is bigger than all of us,"

-Edgar Sarmiento

Started back in late 2005, Drift Indy is the result of two friends, Edgar Sarmiento and T.R. Scrivner, coming together to create an online group. Nineteen years later and we're still going strong, continuing to push the sport forward at the grassroots level.

DI is home to some of the best drifters in the Midwest, hands down. Formula D licensed drivers Mike Feiock, Derek King, and D1GP qualifier veteran Bill “Highlife” Cook all cut their teeth at DI and Midwest Drift Union events.

“We have worked hard to push each other’s driving and always keeping it fun” says King of Ft. Wayne.

Spring 2007 marked the beginning of the takeover of the Midwest as Drift Indy came out on full blast, hosting five events that opened everyone’s eyes to the driving potential of Central Indiana.

In 2008, Drift Indy took time off from running events to support many different organizations around the Midwest. By backing them, helping out, traveling around, and making a scene everywhere the group of guys went, each group and event was left with DI imprinted on their minds.

With the attitude, driving ability, and generosity of DI firmly established, all of that went into what would be its best season yet in 2009. With drivers from all over the Midwest in attendance, and with only four events, Drift Indy made history by filling each event with first year rookies, pro-am candidates, and soon-to-be pro drivers.

Being the first organization in the Midwest to team up with D1GP Underground, DI had something the other grass-roots organizations couldn’t offer; an opportunity for the top four drivers to drive in the D1GP USA Series. Each event has only gotten bigger and better.

Like Sarmiento says, “if you have tires left over, you didn’t drive enough.”

After traveling to Virginia in late 2009 to co-host an event with Look-Out Drift and Clubloose, Sarmiento realized that the DI attitude wasn’t just for Indiana. And in 2010, the Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am Series was formed.

Streets of Detroit

According to co-founder Jon Gilliatt, “we wanted to take everything DI established, the attitude, the influence, the character, and create a series that would allow the best in the region to drive together, compete, and just have fun drifting.” Drift Indy returned for the 2011 season with a series of 6 events in conjunction with Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis.

“We wanted to create a smaller, local series to give the more casual and beginner drivers an opportunity to drive at properly run events without the pressure of a Pro-Am series.” explains Sarmiento, "DI is all about fun and drifting, and we create a safe and positive environment to make sure plenty of both happens.”

In 2020, Drift Indy started a new series: Drift Indy Street League.

Over the course of three years and 10 volumes, DISL has pushed for drivers to develop both their driving and their style. A field of 32 drivers, accepted based on the style of the cars and the talent of the driver, compete in a traditional, two-run lead and chase battle to determine a winner.

DISL Lite podium and Edgar

DISL has grown and developed as the drivers have, moving from a DISL Lite competition of single, judged runs to a new prelim system for volumes 8, 9 and 10 in 2023. DISL Teams was included as another version of competition under the same banner for Volume 7. 

In August of 2023, Drift Indy made history by hosting the first ever legal touge event on a mountain road in the US. In partnership with Backroads of Appalachia, Drift Indy brought around 30 of the best drivers in the midwest to a mountain road in the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range in Jackson County, KY. 

In the same weekend, we hosted DISL Volume 10 at the Corbin Arena and a drift car cruise to downtown Corbin, escorted by police. You can read more about the beginnings of our relationship with Backroads of Appalachia and how the weekend came together here.

The touge!

Outside of DISL and the innovative touge, we continue to host our bash events and fun days at Kil-kare Raceway in Xenia, OH. 

Kil-kare has been our home track for several seasons now, and we have loved growing and innovating at the facility. 

Additionally, we have worked to continue to develop our drivers by offering clinics throughout the year, including advanced clinics run by Formula Drift driver Chelsea Denofa, as well as beginner clinics run by staff members JB Guillotte and Derek King, both highly experienced and skilled in their own right. 

Drift Indy will always be around and remembered for the group of enthusiasts that make it up. The guys that share and promote a positive environment. The guys that welcome new drivers and seasoned veterans to drive with them. DI is for anyone with the passion to drive, grow, and build friendships along the way. Drift Indy will continue to run events in 2012 and beyond. Thank you to all of our friends, sponsors, partners, and fans that have made Drift Indy what it is today.