Derek King Named Drift Appalachia Motorsports Director

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We are excited to announce that Drift Indy's own Derek King has been named Motorsports Director for Drift Appalachia, our sister organization. 

Following the success of Drift Appalachia's first event, a groundbreaking touge in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, our attention turned toward facilitating future events. Derek King was a huge part of why that first event came to be, and brought a ton of much-needed motorsport experience to the event when it came time to put the rubber on the road.

"We had a great first experience because we had all our guys, and I trust our guys," said King.

DK announcing

King, center, announces during DISL Volume 10.

Going forward, we'll be dealing with a lot of new faces as Drift Appalachia explores new regions and taps into new talent pools. That's where King will come in, using his connections developed over more than a decade of drifting.

Pulling the trigger on sending a train of cars down a treacherous mountain road takes a lot of trust in both directions, and picking the right drivers is vital to one half of that relationship. King is working relationships with Brian Eggert of US Drift and other, more east-coast based organizations and teams to find a solid roster of drivers for upcoming events.

Derek King has been an integral part of Drift Indy's driver development, through Drift Indy Street League, clinics, bashes and his influence outside of events with Shakotan Boogie Meets and involvement in other motorsports.

All of us at Drift Indy and Drift Appalachia are excited to see King continue to develop our existing driver base as he simultaneously works to bring in new talent.