Drift Indy and Chase Bays Announce New Partnership

Drift Indy is very excited to announce a new partnership with Chase Bays ahead of our 2023 season.

The intent of the partnership is to further strengthen the high level of driving we maintain at our events with their excellent products. 

Chase Bays’ Motorsports Sponsorship/Partnership Director Rolando Alfaro has long been a part of the Drift Indy community and is as excited for the new partnership as the rest of us. Going one step further, Rolando had this to say:

“I’m really excited to announce that we’re going to offer a drivers program where Drift Indy drivers can apply and get access to a 25% sitewide discount... While we know our products look, fit, and work well…we also know we have to constantly prove that they stand up to abuse. There’s a large amount of cars on grid that already run Chase Bays products but in the past couple years CB has released a lot of new products and we’re going to continue to develop new products."

At the end of the day, better parts mean better builds, and better builds mean more laps. In giving our community of drivers access to their full catalog at a discounted price, Chase Bays hopes to allow the core community of Drift Indy drivers to build the best car they can for the most seat time possible. 

"It’s my 13th year of being on the driver end of things so I'm stoked to also be on the other side to support other drivers that really want to progress in motorsports," said Rolando.

Anyone who has driven a Drift Indy event knows that seat time is the name of the game. Knowing you have reliable, high-quality parts under the hood goes a long way to ensuring you can turn hundreds of laps throughout a season, and Chase Bays strives to produce the highest quality products every day.

“What I really love about Drift Indy is they’re helping maintain and guide drivers in a positive direction that keeps true to the nature of drifting. As a driver who’s been driving since 2007 and seen the ebbs and flows of the drift market, this is exactly what we need more of,” said Chase Bays owner Chase McMaster.

In short, they know drifting and they know our community. You’ll be able to find representatives from Chase Bays at a few of our events this season, including No Star Bash, with the goal of familiarizing drivers with their products.

To learn more about the drivers program, click here: https://bit.ly/3JUWMLP