Drift Indy and JEM-Sport Announce New Partnership

The Drift Indy organization is constantly on the lookout for new partners and sponsors to bolster our community of drivers. We are excited to announce JEM-Sport as one of our newest partners.

Drift Indy is fortunate enough to benefit from a variety of excellent sponsors that work to keep our drivers on track and shredding tires. JEM-Sport’s expertise with Link ECUs, among other platforms and applications, represents an exciting infusion of useful wisdom into the community.

JEM-Sport owner Jake Minard had this to say about the partnership:

“We’re incredibly excited about the potential this partnership provides all parties involved. Collaborating with Drift Indy and Link ECU, absolute powerhouses in both Midwest drifting and engine management, will prove fruitful for 2023 and years to come.”

Established in 2015, JEM-Sport cut its teeth in stage rally and performance services for Subaru enthusiasts. However, since its inception, JEM-Sport’s goal has always been to research and develop new motorsport oriented solutions and products. 

Early last year they began researching affordable, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine swaps and landed on Ford’s Ecoboost platform. 
JEM-Sport’s 2023 campaign will focus on the following goals:

  • Finalize and fully release Ecoboost Swap components for E36/E46 and S13/S14 chassis 
  • Finalize and release fully tunable engine management and wiring solutions for EB swaps utilizing OEM ECU’s and Link’s G4+ Force GDI ECU
  • Begin R&D for EB Swap components for 350/370Z, G35/G37, and the CD0009 transmission. 
  • Continue development of the EB platform through motorsport, drift shop Ecoboost Mustang and EB-swapped BMW E36 Coupe.

Give their work a look at https://jem-sport.com