Drift Indy Drift Night: Event Recap

Drift trains at sunset around Kil-kare are a sight I doubt I’ll ever get tired of seeing.

240sx and E46 tandem

While I can’t attest to the rowdiness earlier on in the day Friday, by the time I pulled up around 8 o’ clock everybody was shredding. Thanks to every car rental place in Louisville for screwing me over and wasting hours of my time, I managed to miss out on a lot of Friday’s heat, too. 

Eventually the sun set and we got an hour or so of the promised night drifting under the track’s multi-hued stadium lights. Seriously, next time you’re there at night, take a look at the lights. They’re all different shades. They never fail to confuse our cameras. 

JP's Genesis drifting the bank at night

Anyways, watching headlights slicing through tire smoke and lighting up lead cars in the infield is always a sight to behold. Not to mention the underglow and strobes that some dudes rig up. It’s tricky to photograph, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. 

Saturday’s driving got underway the next morning and I got to experience some of the heat I had missed out on the day before, both literal and figurative. 

I always enjoy watching some of the drag racing folks drive their golf carts up to the track to see what all the noise and smoke is about. Just a whole bunch of imports (and some mustangs and vettes) going around turns all sideways. What other motorsport could be more antithetical to the practice of going as fast as possible in a straight line? I mean no shade to drag racing, but between the two, I know which one I’d rather watch. 

The driving Saturday was all around really solid, too. For you group B folks reading this, just know that all of us media boys and girls are watching and rooting for you, and we get hype everytime someone links the track for the first time or puts down their best lap of the day. The same is true for the group A folks, too, but you guys already know you shred. 

It’s super cool to see some sneak peaks of what we can expect from the team comp coming up. A lot of the cars are really coming together and seeing trains of matching-color teams is pretty awesome. Team Bad Blood’s brown is a personal favorite of mine. That color came out sick and it looks cool as hell in pictures.

Team Bad Blood 350 sliding

The Dayton Boys were tearing it up as per usual, and I think this is the first event I can remember that we didn’t end up with a near-complete shiny yellow body kit. Stronger zipties, maybe? 

Caleb Nichols chilling on grid in his S12

The pizza party around lunchtime brought all the wholesome vibes together before a final few hours of sliding. I think the longest train I counted was 13 cars. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Shoutout to Clay and TJ for keeping grid hot and for scraping cars off track when they sheared wheel studs or dumped their LCAs (I’m looking at you, Travis Bickle).