OG Racing Joins Stellar List of Partner Companies

We’re excited to announce the addition of OG Racing to our stellar roster of partner companies! Drift Indy drivers will have access to a portal and special discount on their website, all with the goal of getting you equipped with the right equipment to keep you safe behind the wheel.

OG got its start nearly 35 years ago when founder Bill Love started selling racing gear out of the back of his pickup truck at the Porsche Racing Association events he was competing at. Since those early days, the goal has been to get the right safety equipment into gear heads’ hands as quickly as possible.

Along the way, Bill and his team have built valuable relationships with companies and individuals. Today, they’re the largest distributor of Sparco products in the US. They’re known for their great customer service as well, thanks in part to their diverse experience with motorsports. Most of their employees are out at one track or another every weekend competing in a variety of disciplines. They know their stuff!

As drifting has grown, they’ve devoted more attention to supporting drifters from the grassroots level on up. With so many knock-off brands popping up and producing cheap, dangerous safety gear, OG’s goal has been to provide the correct, legitimate equipment at affordable prices.

As the Drift Indy community continues to level up their builds and their driving, there’s no reason for it to come at the price of safety. We’ve got a few drivers running HANS devices this season, and now we’ve got a team of folks eager to explain the benefits to anyone who’s curious about getting one.

OG Racing driver ambassador Dan Savage might be a familiar face to DI folks. He makes it out to an event or two every season, and has been absolutely shredding the Drift Appalachia touges. He’s a great advocate for equipment like a HANS device and arm restraints. 

Between the passion of our community and OG's knowledge and experience with safety equipment, we're confident that this partnership will go a long way toward keeping all you shredders sideways for years to come.

You can follow OG Racing on Facebook here, Instagram here and YouTube here. Check out this video for a walkthrough on the portal sign up process so you can get started taking advantage of those discounts: